Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

It’s A Soul Fight

Have you ever wondered why you did something particular as though you were on autopilot?  You have done this every day for the past five years and you do it without thinking about it, without acknowledging it.  But what happens when you intently start thinking about your everyday actions, encounters with others, habits, and thoughts?… Continue reading It’s A Soul Fight

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

A Never Ending Light

The Discovery In the thick forest surrounded by darkness that seems to be thick with shadows, she continues to walk along the path that is set out before her. The wind is still stirring around her causing her long dark hair to blow into a tangled mess. The debris from the last storm has covered… Continue reading A Never Ending Light

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

Struck by fiery arrows

Six Days Ago This morning when I woke up, I had every intention of shutting down this site. Ending my calling because it's too hard. Surely, this is not it. I struggled and wrestled with my thoughts trying to over analyze everyone. Two weeks ago something shifted, call me crazy but something in the atmosphere… Continue reading Struck by fiery arrows

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

Faith Over Fear Devotion

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The How To Series

How To Forgive When You’re Angry

Have you ever experienced a situation that has left you feeling abandoned, broken and crushed by someone you loved and trusted? Perhaps your spouse has committed adultery, a loved one has let you down a time or two or a close friends has shared something you told them in private. There can be a multitude… Continue reading How To Forgive When You’re Angry