Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

Pass The Fig Leaves

Pollution occurs in the environment when things that weren't there before are added into the air.  Now, we don't see this happen as it begins and starts to seep into the earth's atmosphere but soon we will realize the damaging effects of our choices. Isn't sin like pollution?  Humans are so absorbent of their environment… Continue reading Pass The Fig Leaves

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

Born To Be Unconventional

Being unconventional is a characteristic that most people strive to leave behind.  The flesh gives us the desire to fit into society by changing the way we look, how we act, how we dress, and in some cases changing our beliefs. No one wants to be left out and made fun of because they are… Continue reading Born To Be Unconventional

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

Blessings In Obedience

Let's Relate Together The word obedience is an unfriendly word to a person who has a rebellious streak.  It's the type of word that makes you turn ahead in the Bible and hope you see a page that is more pleasing to the flesh.  As a young child, I developed a stronghold to do the opposite… Continue reading Blessings In Obedience

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

Be Changed

Just like a tomato, each person has God given seeds inside of them that are yearning to sprout and produce fruit. With the right amount of love, living water, and the son, anyone can be changed. The past, flawed personalities, and hard hearts can be washed away and your seeds can begin the beautiful process of growth and change.

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler, The How To Series

How To Slay Your Mental Strongholds

Ask yourself, does this thought come from God or Satan?  If it comes from Satan, then you need to pray and ask God to remove this thought and replace it with His truths.  Seek His word and learn what He says in scripture.  Hold that thought captive and slay that thought and replace it with God's.  Rejoice and praise God for the truth that He is replacing in your life.  Slowly, you will see just how each thought, especially thoughts that seem to be on repeat can cause depression, anxiety, and fear!