Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

A Heart Like Joseph

The story of Joesph is full of grace, forgiveness, and love toward his brothers that wronged him.  It not only demonstrates to us the importance of always seeking God first in all of our circumstances but to do so with a mindset that God will work everything out for the best possible outcome and you will overcome the circumstance at hand.  Although our circumstances, problems, and people in our life intend to harm us,  God has a way of intending it for our good.

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

1996 – A Bus Kid

It is a hot and humid typical Southern day that triggers the memory of Vacation Bible School. The joy of going to church that provided a vacation from home and hope fresh on the mind and heart. Looking forward with joy and anticipation of the church van that would be coming down the dirt road… Continue reading 1996 – A Bus Kid

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

Guest Post: Surrendering to God

Hey, Y'all! Thanks for stopping by. I have a special guest post by a dear friend of mine. She does not know this but she made an impact on my life when we first met back in November 2013. I witnessed her faith and wondered what in the world was this girl into and how… Continue reading Guest Post: Surrendering to God

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler

Hope for The Fatherless

For as long as I could remember, Father's Day has been a bittersweet day that was surrounded with sadness. A day that served as reminder that a little girl would not always have the daddy she so desperately wanted to have. I prayed to have but a prayer that went unanswered. My daddy tried the… Continue reading Hope for The Fatherless

Barefoot Devotions // Faith Over Fear Series

Faith Over Fear: Season One // Day Six

It's time to place your shame into God's hands. When you allow past and present transgressions, the adversary and people's opinions and judgments about you to seep into your mind, you will start believing them instead of what God believes about you.  When this happens, you will begin to feel shame over false pretenses because his love for you is more powerful than anything that makes you feel embarrassed or ashamed.