How To Slay Your Mental Strongholds

Barefoot Devotions // Lessons From The Holler, The How To Series

Ask yourself, does this thought come from God or Satan?  If it comes from Satan, then you need to pray and ask God to remove this thought and replace it with His truths.  Seek His word and learn what He says in scripture.  Hold that thought captive and slay that thought and replace it with God’s.  Rejoice and praise God for the truth that He is replacing in your life.  Slowly, you will see just how each thought, especially thoughts that seem to be on repeat can cause depression, anxiety, and fear! 

July 30, 2018

How To Have Childlike Faith

The How To Series

Have you ever observed how trusting a child is? My three year old is the most loving and tender hearted boy you’ll ever meet. When I watch him and the way he interacts with others, I see just how vulnerable he is with the way he trusts others. It is so beautiful to see the […]

April 25, 2018