We Are All Welcome Here

No longer held captive to fear

Hey y’all!

Thanks for finding us here at Barefoot In A Holler. We are so glad you are joining us on our adventure we call life. Be sure to follow us on here, Facebook, and Instagram for all of the latest posts and life happenings in the holler. Grab a sweet tea (or beverage of choice) and stay awhile!

Barefoot In A Holler was birthed in the Eastern Kentucky mountains over a cup of coffee while I was sitting barefoot on my porch. As I was talking to Jesus and contemplating how I had been stripped bare of my life and having to begin a new life away from every comfort and everything I’ve ever known. Every comfort and everything that made my life what it was…was a closed chapter. Stripped bare like my bare feet. I immediately realized when you are barring your soul for Jesus, you are bare, you are stripped. Every part of you is known, counted for and there is nothing Jesus doesn’t know because you are bare.


Since this blog is a combination of a prayer journal, my walk with Jesus as a wife, mother, and friend with honesty straight from the heart, we have a couple of rules:

-Play Nice. We understand that everyone has their own beliefs and that is okay. Regardless of those beliefs, We Will Love All since We Are All Welcome Here.

My hope that is whatever life may be throwing your way, you can find love, peace, and joy through it all.

That’s all for now.

Your friend,

Hannah B.

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